About phodi

phodi, combines the fun of photography and a complete reference dictionary, to define and share life’s greatest moments. phodi produces beautifully formatted “snapshots” that can be shared with friends and family.  Simply snap a photo, define your word, and share with friends on your favorite social networks.

Have you ever used the phrase, “if you look up blank in the dictionary, you’ll see a picture of blank”? With phodi, you can put this phrase into action.

Make phodi your own. We all have different ideas of what a word and picture means – tell everyone how you define and capture your world.  This is your phodi. Define your moments and share them.

phodi is a new and simple way to define your photos and share them with friends.  We launched phodi to the iTunes App Store in February 2014.  We are looking to add the Android version very soon.  We are constantly trying to create a better phodi experience for our users.

Our vision is to deliver a social, photo dictionary that is meant for every day use.


1. Snap a photo to capture a moment

2. Define the moment by giving it a fun description

3. Share it with family, friends, and social media


–Go beyond hashtags and create beautifully formatted phodi posts to your social media networks

–Define your world by creating new words with complete photo definitions

–Save and share phodi entries anywhere (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS)

–Add photos to the extensive phodi reference dictionary and share them with the phodi community

–Explore the phodi Instagram community to enjoy entertaining updates from other phodi users

–Access the complete reference dictionary with over 80,000 definitions anytime, anywhere